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Back in 2020, we believed Kofū to be the end of a trilogy when it was instead the beginning of a new one.  Kofū III concludes Meitei‘s mighty opus, and switches from the electronic realm to the field of experimental ambience, a metaphor for the journey that the artist, and perhaps the nation has made. The album […]

9⁰ (3) RETE September 2023 To celebrate its 15th anniversary, 901 Editions launches a virtual residency program, inviting artists to share their creative process during the time span of a month. They have no pressure on any side and are really free to do whatever they want. We encourage them to focus on a specific […]

In a letter to his brother Theo, Vincent Van Gogh writes of “colors, which are heightened by being juxtaposed,” yet “will destroy one another by being mixed.” When mixed, such colors produce a sad gray, but in the right proportions can produce what he calls a broken tone. And as we know—to paraphrase a bit—broken […]

Glasgow, 14th & 15th December A contemporary classical music festival in the format of a rock festival, held in Glasgow’s Engine Works. Info and/or tickets: https://thenightwith.com/event/festival-2023/ Contemporary classical music festival in rock festival format, held in Glasgow’s Engine Works on 14th & 15th December. Tickets at thenightwith.com/event/festival-2023. Source link

Dormici su stasera picture of what is expressed in situations of renunciation, regret and remorse, in which only a night of reflection allows us to re-establish a balance. When things don't go as we would like, all that remains are the lessons to learn and the dreamy memory of how much or what could have been [...]

In 2021, the Municipality of Cotignola, Ravenna invited sound artist and composer Giovanni Lami to participate in an artist residency as part of a broader project aiming to investigate the anthropic landscape of the local area.The two-piece composition Monumento Fiume stems from the huge body of field recordings collected by Lami throughout his residency period, […]

Coming . . . sometime in 2024 . . . Upcoming release scheduled for 2024, no specific date announced yet. Source link

Folktronica may be a decreasing species these days, but Duelling Ants helps to resurrect its population with the endearing tape in field.  Like the previous album, Here’s a Little Forest, the new set reflects a hunting and gathering mission in which sounds are captured instead of food.  The cover collage is an apt reflection of this practice: […]

More captivating sonic textures & nuanced aural spaces from Thorny — we’ll be featuring one of the tracks on a 2024 podcast. ____________________________________________________________ Sonic explorations and textures created by and for introspection, as an evolution of the foggy, gray sounds I first explored on Mostly Gray. To see no sky does not mean to despair… […]

Content: “The benefits of mindfulness meditation and how it can improve mental health and overall well-being.” Summary: “Mindfulness meditation improves mental health and overall well-being through its benefits.” Source link