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“It’s not possible to be indifferent when someone died for delivering a hamburger.” There are many lines like this in Les Délivrés, a documentary that explores the fight by France’s bicycle deliverypeople to resist their exploitation and to make their plight known in the public consciousness. No other line is quite such a gut-punch as […]

From Cinema Paradiso to Schwarzenegger, artists are suckers for the romance of an old cinema — the remnants from a golden age when everything from the letters on the marquee to the projection to the tearing of the tickets was done by human hands. The Strand has more history than most. The oldest working cinema […]

There is an enormous story that goes with the D.O.C. EP, which is the final EP in a trilogy from Swiss DJ and producer Marco Repetto. These tracks were originally composed between 1991 and 1992, culled from an archive that consisted of an estimated 146 hours of music on DATs handed over by Repetto to […]

Verdant Machine is Ryan Potts’ latest album as Aquarelle since 2017’s Leave Corners, and it showcases his interest in using a narrow set of tools to create a wider soundscape than in the past. With a focus on fewer tools but longer duration, Potts has created two side-long pieces that utilize the full length of […]

German trio Wareika have been evolving a deep, dubby and esoteric sound since first forming in Hamburg more than a decade ago. They’ve released five albums and many more singles on labels including Visionquest, Eskimo, Mule Musiq and Mobilee since 2008. Honing their sound through electrifying live performances, Wareika have achieved that elusive goal of […]

The real fucking bummer about misspent youth is that I won’t get another chance to hear Fanon Flowers for the first time again. Before anyone I knew was talking about “sound design,” Fanon Flowers was making techno that could bang but also techno with a physicality to it — techno with textures that you could […]

Recreational Kraut is a collaborative album from techno musician David Moufang (Move D) and musician/composer Jordan Czamanski. Using a pretty lean sonic palette of Fender Rhodes, synths and fretless bass, the pair recorded their album in Amsterdam over a few days in 2018 and ’19. Twenty-minute-plus opener “Recreation Pts 1-3” sets the scene for what […]

邂逅 (Kaikō) is the first collaboration between Japanese sound designer Haruo Okada (岡田晴夫) and Italian sound artist Fabio Perletta. During the magnificent backdrop of Japanese Hanami in spring 2015, when paper lanterns were hung for the purpose of Yozakura and Sakura flowers’ blooming reached their peak, they performed an improvised liveset at the warm and […]

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‘X’ | Phonography / Glitch / Experimental Ambient / Minimal Techno | 79:44 I like what Elon Musk has done regarding the revamping of the Twitter platform . . . now “X“. That appreciation has given rise to this: a slightly hazier, bumpier & noisier ambient atmosphere . . . constructed purposely with four double […]