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Whilst We Fall, by Dronal

Written by on 08.10.2023

Maximum goodness found here (we’re using a track on our mid-October podcast).

Whilst We Fall is the third album under Alex Leonard’s Dronal moniker, and one which he started writing way back in October 2019. The Dronal project has always been one with which he intended to merge his passion for ambient/drone music with that of field recordings, and with this release he wanted to investigate the blurred boundaries between the natural world and the one which we have created on top of it.

He considers it a love-letter to that nature which survives in the areas upon which humanity encroaches, but as the project developed he couldn’t help but find notes of sorrow entering the works, coming out of both grief and frustration at the loss of biodiversity, and the inadequate global reaction to the ongoing climate crisis. The front cover borrows its striated lines from a graph provided by NASA’s Earth Observatory, measuring global temperature anomaly from 1880 to 2022 – an exponential fall into the red.

The initial ideas for the album came quickly, but were slowly developed over the following two years. Depth and an organic feel were provided by subtle use of field recordings from both natural and urban environments; fluidity and escape from grid structures were provided by multiple layered improvised takes with synthesisers and effects units in his Berlin studio.

The mixdowns were completed in early 2023, and the album was beautifully mastered by Porya Hatami, who has mastered albums by the likes of Arovane, Aidan Baker, Pausal, Andrew Tasselmyer and many more.

The end result is a soft and intimate collection of slowly morphing soundscapes, built on a somewhat mournful foundation, but with notes of hope overlain. The album envelops the listener, draws them close, and whispers. 

Released September 28, 2023

Written, produced and mixed by Dronal (Alex Leonard)
Cover Design by Supple 9
Mastered by Porya Hatami

Dronal’s third album, “Whilst We Fall,” blends ambient drone music with field recordings and explores the relationship between nature and human impact. Released September 28, 2023.

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