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t h e r m o g e n i c

Написано на 01.01.2024

t h e r m o g e n i c | Experimental/Ambient/Post-Ambient | 78:15

Happy 2024, one & all!

Using 3 tracks (*) from the 2005 original mix, we re-engineered a bright, shiny & new slab of ambient sound for the New Year. A bit brooding & drifting, it pulls together old (reminiscence for me) as well as a few new ambient compositions for the listener’s discerning tastes; including several ghost-edit/overdub segues (for smoother transitions).

The cover for the original was an orb that I morphed several times in Adobe Illustrator until I got a thermal-type image. At first it was merely a mix cover . . . and eventually became the logo for our #ambient brand.

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01 [00:00] Abstract Audio Systems – Cern/Bromia*
02 [09:58] SVR – XXXVI
03 [14:57] Steve Roach – Slow Heat* (excerpt)
04 [24:44] Jeff Pearce – Abandoned Playgrounds
05 [29:09] TAGC – White Sands*
06 [36:41] Loren Nerell – Liquid Metal Stasis
07 [43:26] David Parsons – Chautha Loka
08 [51:29] Robert Rich – Aquifer
09 [57:23] David Fulton & Michael Griffin – Neuralnet
10 [65:14] Ozone Player – They are Finally Starting to Come
11 [69:42] David Torn – Lone Rider, Open Plains

Experimental ambient sound with re-engineered tracks for the New Year, featuring older and newer compositions with smooth transitions and a thermal-type image cover.

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