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SESSION #309 (Feat. Temple)

Написано на 05.10.2023


TEMPLE aka Gavin Cardoza, has
always connected with the heavier,
energetic, and yet soulful melodic parts
of music. Despite his initial years of
heavy metal, he was always inclined
towards the wide electronic realm.
Being a man of words, the concept of
minimal worded tracks that said so
much were always an intriguing subject
to him.
Starting off his knack for DJing in
2019, his eclectic selection every time
he performs narrates a story.
Commanding a distinguished sound in
Peak Time/Driving and Hard/Acid
Techno, TEMPLE explores everything
that sets his imagination into motion.
Having already shared the decks with
mighty international acts like Metodi
Hristov, Auriga, Fractious, Vanessa
Sukowski, and top domestic artists
including Ana Lilia, Stoked, Minitech
Project, Tuhin Mehta, Nipun Divecha,
Shaun Moses, Kollision and more,
TEMPLE has been steadily carving his
niche in the underground music scene.
By taking the next step in his musical
journey, he is now set to master his own
creation with dancefloor ragers soon.
Transcending together with all who
tune in, TEMPLE wanders to a world
beyond, through music.


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