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New Single from Alan “DORMICI SU STASERA”

Написано на 22.11.2023

Dormici su stasera picture of what is expressed in situations of renunciation, regret and remorse, in which only a night of reflection allows us to re-establish a balance. When things don’t go as we would like, all that remains are the lessons to learn and the dreamy memory of how much or what could have been and never was.

-“Everything flows” stated Heraclitus, without however warning us of the consequences that the occurrence of certain events would bring. Meetings, clashes, loves, things that we cannot stand end up inevitably influencing our lives since the passions that they carry are like a river in flood.

Written, composed, produced and recorded by Andrea Chirico, the song, available from 6 October in the main digital stores, was mixed and mastered by Andrea Pelatti at the Golden Factory Studio in Carmignano (Prato). Mastering by Leonardo Sgrilli (Future Leo) – Golden Factory Studio of Carmignano.

Alans Bio

The Alans are: Alex Malaguti, vocals, and Andrea Chirico, arranger and multi-instrumental guitarist, both active in the Italian underground for more than 20 years. Their project was born during the first lockdown with cycles of online creative sessions, driven by the need to put current issues to music, from politics to civic sense, from feelings to human relationships, with an invitation to reflection and introspection. In May 2021 their first single Tempi bui  was released, placing itself at number 30 in the independent charts as a self-produced single, followed by STORIA PERFETTA released in January 2023.

NERO is the their first EP, preceded by the release of the single of the same name at the beginning of April. Andiamo al Mare, the summer single released in July 2023 reaches prominent positions in some of the most renowned Italian indie charts, deserving praise mentions in some of the most important publications including ALLMUSIC ITALIA, ROCKIT, Onda Musicale and SkyTg24.com

Electro rock arrangements that look to a glorious past, a sound clearly inspired by the 90s, a fast-paced rhythm: for ALAN making music means taking sides, not being afraid to say what you think, trying to subvert the system.

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