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Adolfo Viguera Lopez de Murillas (Musican) / Guest Musicant, Non Resident

Adolfo Viguera, a highly accomplished Spanish musician and composer, has made a significant impact in the fields of television, cinema, and theater. His music has a massive reach, captivating over two million people daily through television, radio, and commercial programs across different countries. He is renowned for his iconic songs featured on Spanish television, as well as his compositions for more than 250 commercials. With an impressive body of work, he has contributed to the recording of 88 albums and received nominations for the prestigious Max Theater Awards. Adolfo Viguera has obtained degrees as a “Piano Professor” and “Higher Professor of Musical Language” from the Superior Conservatory of Madrid. He has further enhanced his skills by studying Jazz Guitar at renowned institutions like the “Taller de Musics de Barcelona” and “Taller de Músicos de Madrid” on a scholarship. As an author and musical producer, his aim is to evoke a wide range of emotions and sensations in his listeners, enabling them to truly feel and experience the essence of his music. Adolfo Viguera’s artistry transcends boundaries of style and sound, as he explores various creative and sonic landscapes to deliver a unique message in each song, providing an immersive auditory experience. Thanks to his classical and modern training, he comfortably ventures into diverse genres, encompassing classical orchestral compositions, minimalist arrangements, and collaborations with indie or pop-rock bands.