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Materia Breve, by Vittorio Guindani

Написано на 13.10.2023

“Materia Breve” is composed of residues. Fragments of field recordings; still images of small landscapes, enlarged to show their grain. The simple gesture of gathering what remains, stirring the embers.


You said «Let’s go», and the wind is
this breath that erases without haste.
A sharp movement of lives,
the trembling that welcomes those who breathe.
Hands are a gesture; the presence
just a nod.

The gash is transparency:
leaning on the edge of thoughts.
The house is open to prayer, open to
the tense movement between your chest and rest.
«We have this, nothing else»: we said,
we have the mouth of departed thirst.

I need time to recoil me
in the long-lasting breach between things.
The asphalt carries the loads and the questions,
as our perpetual plea of days.
The night is an unfinished act;
laughter, a crackling fire.

Silence is disclosed through your lively blows,
which are eyes, tongue, a pair of summer shoes,
which are your words like «Darkness
doesn’t scare me», or «I’m hungry, I’m always hungry».

Like a conversation with a cloud,
or the invitation of the months nearby the bed.
A rarefied coldness, a tight time.
Every universe has its own language.
Every universe has the voices that you seek for.
«Possessing is a game switched on», you said,
staring at the places embroidered on the water.

The signs bear the recognition.
The graphite ring, the grateful bread,
the pages lightly brushed with a touch.
«You are lucky», you said before leaving,
«Farewell», you said, «Farewell is but a breath
in speech».

I didn’t look for you, I didn’t find you anymore,
in the maelstrom of light under the stage.
All the words just behind,
And now you’re happy, they said. Peace
is already in history enshrined.

In the rustle of overlapping footsteps
the stirring of grass and leaves.
Every universe has the voices that you find in it.
Every universe is a music score.

“Materia Breve” is a collection of field recordings and images. It explores themes of presence, time, and language.

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