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Kaikō 邂逅, by Haruo Okada + Fabio Perletta

Написано на 16.10.2023

邂逅 (Kaikō) is the first collaboration between Japanese sound designer Haruo Okada (岡田晴夫) and Italian sound artist Fabio Perletta.

During the magnificent backdrop of Japanese Hanami in spring 2015, when paper lanterns were hung for the purpose of Yozakura and Sakura flowers’ blooming reached their peak, they performed an improvised liveset at the warm and ancient-looking Kissa Sakaiki in Tokyo/Shinjuku on March 31, as part of Perletta’s Japan tour. They performed without any pre-arranged structures, just following their instinct, and later they decided to re-create a composition based on the same material and added new compositional elements in order to make the piece more detailed and balanced.

邂逅 (Kaikō), meaning chance meeting, refers to the unexpected success of their performance, and is presented in a single movement of synthetic and real sounds that continuously merge and overlap, creating an ongoing dialogue between raw and processed, digital and analogue, real and artificial spaces, living and non-living things.

邂逅 (Kaikō) features some of Haruo Okada’s field recordings collected for his Sound Lab project that he has been running at Pioneer, including the ambient sound of a limestone cave, a walk through a forest, insects, noises surrounding a pier, a bonfire and a Suikinkutsu, a traditional Japanese garden ornament and music device. 

Released July 20, 2015

Recording Locations (collected by Haruo Okada)
Cave: Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park in Indonesia
Walk + Bonfire: Afan Forest in the Shinanomachi (Nagano Prefecture, Japan)
Insects: Shirakami Sanchi Mountain (Tohoku Region, Japan)
Pier: Iojima Island (Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan)
Suikinkutsu: Aobayama Park (Sendai, Japan)

Photography by Fabio Perletta (March 31 2015, 7:33pm)

“邂逅 (Kaikō)” is a collaboration between Japanese sound designer Haruo Okada and Italian sound artist Fabio Perletta, featuring field recordings and improvised performances.

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