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Top of the day (2022-09-08)

Created on 08.09.2022

The chart table

1 Nihoni-After Sun Nihoni-After Sun
2 Green Sun-Distant Star Green Sun-Distant Star
3 Astropilot-Millions Light Years Away (Story 01) Astropilot-Millions Light Years Away (Story 01)
4 Dab-Mystical Dab-Mystical
5 George Michael-To Be Forgiven George Michael-To Be Forgiven
6 Triangle Sun-Holy Ground Triangle Sun-Holy Ground
7 Дима Билан-Океан Дима Билан-Океан
8 Nexus 5-Be Gentle Nexus 5-Be Gentle
9 After Sunrise-Deep Breath (Extended Mix) After Sunrise-Deep Breath (Extended Mix)
10 Мачете-Ныряй без остатка Мачете-Ныряй без остатка
11 DJ Smash-Не переживай DJ Smash-Не переживай
12 Billie Eilish-Six Feet Under Billie Eilish-Six Feet Under
13 Madonna-Hanky Panky Madonna-Hanky Panky
14 Pet Shop Boys-The Way It Used To Be Pet Shop Boys-The Way It Used To Be
15 Lstn-Times of Sorrow Lstn-Times of Sorrow
16 Aria-Pace Pace Aria-Pace Pace
17 Nania-Internal State Nania-Internal State
18 Finland & Aaskoven-La Balbianello (Dosso D'aveto Mix) Finland & Aaskoven-La Balbianello (Dosso D’aveto Mix)
19 Ohm Guru-Montedivenere Ohm Guru-Montedivenere
20 Project Blue Sun-Tonight Project Blue Sun-Tonight
21 Siberian Heat-Just Say Hello Siberian Heat-Just Say Hello
22 Bluebeat-Dans Le Soleil Bluebeat-Dans Le Soleil
23 Blank & Jones-The Palms Blank & Jones-The Palms
24 Альянс-На заре Альянс-На заре
25 UNDRESSD-Forever Young UNDRESSD-Forever Young
26 Mystic Diversions-Sunset On Lucia Rosa Bay Mystic Diversions-Sunset On Lucia Rosa Bay
27 Mousse T.-Boyfriend (Alle Farben Remix) Mousse T.-Boyfriend (Alle Farben Remix)
28 Rue du Soleil-Why Rue du Soleil-Why
29 Trumpetman-Siempre Trumpetman-Siempre
30 Руки Вверх-Плачешь в темноте Руки Вверх-Плачешь в темноте
31 Bobby McFerrin-Don't Worry Be Happy Bobby McFerrin-Don’t Worry Be Happy
32 Michael Jackson-Whatever Happens Michael Jackson-Whatever Happens
33 Night Run-Don't Look Down Night Run-Don’t Look Down
34 Schiller-I Miss You Schiller-I Miss You
35 Sade-Lovers Rock Sade-Lovers Rock
36 Enya-Shepherd Moons Enya-Shepherd Moons
37 Rhye-Hymn Rhye-Hymn
38 Julio Iglesias-Always On My Mind Julio Iglesias-Always On My Mind
39 Тима Белорусских-Альфа и Омега Тима Белорусских-Альфа и Омега
40 Late Night Alumni-Golden Late Night Alumni-Golden