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Top of the day (2022-02-14)

Created on 14.02.2022

The chart table

1 George Michael-Roxanne George Michael-Roxanne
2 Дима Билан-Лови мои цветные сны Дима Билан-Лови мои цветные сны
3 Spiritual Evolution-Oceania Spiritual Evolution-Oceania
4 Salt Tank-Sargasso Sea Salt Tank-Sargasso Sea
5 Elmara-Sky In Your Eyes Elmara-Sky In Your Eyes
6 Дима Билан-Не молчи Дима Билан-Не молчи
7 Linda Ronstadt-Winter Light Linda Ronstadt-Winter Light
8 Sade-Pearls Sade-Pearls
9 Ganga-Living on the Moon Ganga-Living on the Moon
10 Gary B-Bitter Sweet Gary B-Bitter Sweet