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Top of the day (2022-01-22)

Created on 22.01.2022

The chart table

1 Spiritual Evolution-Oceania Spiritual Evolution-Oceania
2 Palaraga-Cyprus Morning Palaraga-Cyprus Morning
3 Ingo Herrmann-Lala Land Ingo Herrmann-Lala Land
4 Robert Miles-Textures Robert Miles-Textures
5 Алсу-Спи мое солнышко Алсу-Спи мое солнышко
6 Triangle Sun-Tonight Triangle Sun-Tonight
7 Julio Iglesias-Crazy Julio Iglesias-Crazy
8 Madonna-Inside of Me Madonna-Inside of Me
9 George Michael-Roxanne George Michael-Roxanne
10 Triangle Sun-Holy Ground Triangle Sun-Holy Ground