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Top of the day (2021-11-23)

Created on 23.11.2021

The chart table

1 Triangle Sun-Secret Desire Triangle Sun-Secret Desire
2 Spiritual Evolution-Oceania Spiritual Evolution-Oceania
3 Sheryl Crow-Tomorrow Never Dies Sheryl Crow-Tomorrow Never Dies
4 Julio Iglesias-Caruso Julio Iglesias-Caruso
5 Yanni-In the Morning Light Yanni-In the Morning Light
6 Ganga-Cold Wind Blowing Ganga-Cold Wind Blowing
7 Therese-Shed My Skin Therese-Shed My Skin
8 Deep Forest-Sing with the Birds Deep Forest-Sing with the Birds
9 TOKiO-Когда ты плачешь TOKiO-Когда ты плачешь
10 Palaraga-Cyprus Morning Palaraga-Cyprus Morning