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TEMPLE (Mumbai, INDIA) TEMPLE aka Gavin Cardoza, has always connected with the heavier, energetic, and yet soulful melodic parts of music. Despite his initial years of heavy metal, he was always inclined towards the wide electronic realm. Being a man of words, the concept of minimal worded tracks that said so much were always an […]

“RELAXING AMBIENT: for study, yoga, meditation, sleep & chilling” is a playlist curated by ‘Michael Schacht‘, which features a collection of Ambient music for study, focus time, yoga, meditation, relaxation and sleep. Included are titles by well known artists and smaller projects in the genre. There are currently 94 titles on the playlist and it […]

The post P E N S E E S // She first appeared on Ambient Soul Vibrations. Source link

DRAWING VIRTUAL GARDENS – 22:22 As the second release in the Lost Tribe Sound subscription series Maps To Where The Poison Grows, Drawing Virtual Gardens (David Gutman) releases 22:22. The title remains unclear, as the album lasts not 22 minutes but almost 36. The closing track, called 22+22=44, only adds to the mystery. Gutman explains: […]

    IAN HAWGOOD – WHERE YOU GO I CANNOT FOLLOW    / AND THEN THERE WAS NOTHING It is not unusual for a busy label (-owner) to take some time off. So when Home Normal’s Ian Hawgood mentioned the label’s hiatus in 2022 I thought he was taking a break from the busy release schedule to […]


DJ STRICTLY (GERMANY) Kurt Kjergaard Top 3 Finalist on JPS Let The Players Play 2023 Dj & Producer Kurt Kjergaard comes from the high north of Germany. Its versatility is impressive: from techno to progressive from Melodic House to Indie Dance and Tech House , he has everything under control. Kurt Kjergaard started Djing in […]

The Spotify playlist “Ocean Ambient” by ‘Stilhed‘ presents Ambient, Cinematic titles and Soundscapes with an underwater theme and is great for relaxing, daydreaming, calming down and sleeping. There are 26 titles on the playlist and it has a total playtime of about 1 and a half hours. Direct playlist link: Playlist curator link: […]

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“Ambient” and “chill-out” are genres in which I’ve always struggled to find music that’s listenable, let alone good, ever since I first heard Brian Eno’s sublime Ambient 1: Music For Airports and thought to myself “More of this, please.” I guess a lot of electronic producers add an ambient side-project to their repertoire assuming it’s […]