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Goodbye, Hotel Arkada is a wistful album that seldom sounds sad.  This may be the byproduct of perspective; perhaps it is the presence of collaborators.  The hotel of the title is already in the process of transformation, undergoing a Ship of Theseus-like renovation. Mary Lattimore had one last chance to cherish the silver ladders and painted […]

Very smooth, soothing & enticing . . .———————————“Prologue” marks the starting point of a new collaboration project by Markus Guentner and Joachim Spieth, who will present their first album “Overlay” in November 2023. Released September 1, 2023 All tracks written and produced by Markus Guentner and Joachim Spieth Like this: Like Loading… Related Markus Guentner […]

After six years away, Antonymes (Ian M Hazeldine) returns with the sublime The Gramophone Suite, a meditation on time and its many permutations.  The gramophone is evoked with the album’s opening sounds: clicks, breath, strings and distant transit.  When Black Box Recorder’s Sarah Nixey intones, “you’re listening to me coming out of silence,” one assumes she’s talking about […]

Maximum goodness found here (we’re using a track on our mid-October podcast).#CheckItOut____________________________________________________________________ Whilst We Fall is the third album under Alex Leonard’s Dronal moniker, and one which he started writing way back in October 2019. The Dronal project has always been one with which he intended to merge his passion for ambient/drone music with that […]

Claire Deak first appeared on our site with the old capital, a 2020 collaboration with Tony Dupé that was released on nearly the same date as Sotto Voce.  Like that album, this one seems well-suited for October.  Deak again plays over a dozen instruments, and Sotto Voce is billed as a solo album, although Dupé […]

The Chillout Lounge Mix Podcast: 20+ Million downloads, 2,000+ ratings, and reached number 1 in 35+ countries (Apple Podcasts Music Charts). Relax in the Chillout Lounge with breathtaking, emotional chillout music, fused with various other genres in continuous mindful DJ mixes. Read more here… The Chillout Lounge Mix is a popular podcast with millions of […]

STEFANO GUZZETTI – LETTERS FROM NOWHERE (PIANO BOOK VOL. 3)    This is the third (obviously) and also the final release in Stefano Guzzetti‘s ‘Piano Book’ trilogy. The first (At Home, 2014) focused strictly on the piano alone, Short Stories (2018) added some subtle electronics. Now on Letters From Nowhere ‘the piano plays along with a […]

GUNNAR JÓNSSON COLLIDER – S.W.I.M.    Gunnar Jónsson Collider is a music producer from Reykjavik, Iceland, who has released a few albums on local labels. I don’t know much about him beyond what you can easily find out yourself. What makes him different from most other ambient (/techno) artists is that he usually accompanies his music […]

“MINIMAL AMBIENT: calm relaxing soundscapes” is a great playlist to dive deeper into Soundscapes, Ambient, Drone and Instrumental music and also works well for relaxing, study, focus, meditation and sleep. The curator of this playlist is ‘Michael Schacht‘. You can discover 82 titles here, which have a total playtime of about 4 hours and are […]

THE [LAW-RAH] COLLECTIVE – INTROSPECTION    From the 24 releases of the [Law-Rah] Collective back catalog, 13 were created as a duo featuring Bauke van der Wal and Martijn Pieck. Every one of these albums sounds different in its own way because van der Wal and Pieck change their method of creation every time – ‘to […]