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t h e r m o g e n i c | Experimental/Ambient/Post-Ambient | 78:15 Happy 2024, one & all! Using 3 tracks (*) from the 2005 original mix, we re-engineered a bright, shiny & new slab of ambient sound for the New Year. A bit brooding & drifting, it pulls together old (reminiscence for […]

A new year, a fresh start, a clean slate: as we turn the page of the new year, we look forward to what it has to offer.  We hope it will bring health and happiness, prosperity and peace; but we know it will bring new music.  We’ve already heard hundreds of albums set for winter release, […]

elements_’V’ | Jazz/Big Band/Dixeland | 77:17 Real. Jazz. Right. Now. Updated for 2024 @ 320 bps! All tracks ripped from their original vinyl albums(occasional snaps, crackles & pops testify to that) Stream/Download via Hear.This: 01 [00:00] Thelonious Monk – Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea02 [07:32] Kirk Lightsey – Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum03 [12:02] Dexter Gordon […]

Content summary: Exploring the impact of climate change on ocean currents and marine ecosystems, with potential consequences for global weather patterns. Source link

. . . with my BIG brother! Enjoying fun activities, sharing secrets, and creating memories with a close and loving older brother. Source link

By our estimate, there was enough ambient music released in 2023 to fill every waking minute of every day.  How does one stand out in a genre that values slipping beneath the surface?  These ten artists found a way, whether through distinctive textures, hybrid tones or sheer compositional quality.  In addition, many of these releases […]

Drowned Places originally released on September 25, 2019.Conundrum Monolithic originally released on November 18, 2019 Drowned Places´ Reviews: “Emotional and transportive, these are the elements which drive drone/ambient music to its farthest depths. A whimsical and other-worldly environment is found, born from the field recordings which resemble a dream and from the landscapes which transcend […]

The content is about a boy and how he builds a spaceship with his father’s old parts. Source link

Beautiful . . . Performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Dirk Serries 2023. Released September 23, 2023 Dirk Serries : electric guitar, effects.Cover artwork by Stefano Gentile. Originally released on Silentes/13, 2023. Share this: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Pocket Pinterest Tumblr Email Print Like Loading… Related Dirk Serries performs, records, mixes, and masters “Beautiful” in 2023. […]

Low Volume Music Mix, 2023 | minimal/experimental/ambient/noise | 79:02 A reworking of a 2013 podcast highlighting quietude & the installation of an ambient rumble strip to [almost certainly] prevent jarring whilst napping! Project re-work inspired by the Hauschka/Petit/Macfarlane track. 01 Eudscher – IR21302 Hauschka w/ Rob Petit & Robert Macfarlane – Movement 203 Matthew Florianz […]