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w/ TOM JACKSON NEIL METCALFE BENEDICT TAYLOR DANIEL THOMPSON Tom Jackson – clarinetNeil Metcalfe – fluteBenedict Taylor – violaDaniel Thompson – acoustic guitar More exquisite, improvised, jazz-ish din from A New Wave of Jazz Tom Jackson, Neil Metcalfe, Benedict Taylor, and Daniel Thompson create improvised jazz music in A New Wave of Jazz. Source link

We are living in the last hours of summer; autumn will begin overnight.  To some, the solstice brings a welcome transition; to others, a loss.  Phil Cassella’s evocative cover photo portrays the dimmed light, a puddled path, umber leaves clinging to nearly-bare trees.  This change is coming and cannot be avoided.  Yet there in the […]

“Materia Breve” is composed of residues. Fragments of field recordings; still images of small landscapes, enlarged to show their grain. The simple gesture of gathering what remains, stirring the embers. THE NAME’S ALLUREMENT, by LUCA LANFREDI You said «Let’s go», and the wind isthis breath that erases without haste.A sharp movement of lives,the trembling that […]

Remember, be here.  Now trust.  Let go.  Be open.  The way out is in.  Surrender to love.  If this sounds like therapy, it is.  These are the titles of Going Inside, returned to their original sentences.  Copenhagen’s Jens Berents Christiansen (Rumpistol) has been producing an ambitious trilogy over the past few years, and this is the […]

Recreational Kraut is a collaborative album from techno musician David Moufang (Move D) and musician/composer Jordan Czamanski. Using a pretty lean sonic palette of Fender Rhodes, synths and fretless bass, the pair recorded their album in Amsterdam over a few days in 2018 and ’19. Twenty-minute-plus opener “Recreation Pts 1-3” sets the scene for what […]

Welcome to the Music With Space home page (airing weekly, at 11pm to 3am Eastern Time, on WPRP 103.3FM and on the web at radio program home page), where you can learn all about what’s coming up, see playlists of past programs and more. You can also place the following link into your favorite […]

A Strange Peace can be seen as an extension of last year’s Recovery.  The name Birds in the Brickwork is now capitalized on Bandcamp while remaining lower case on the physical edition, representing a gradual return to the time before.  Back then, Ben Holton was recovering from injury while enduring the pandemic, finding meaning in the […]

Ten years ago, Warren Kroll, as Forrest, recorded “Beyond the Withered Hills” (i, absentee 2014) – a mesmerizing ambient album of windswept drones and drifts, capturing the essence of a sonic journey through vast and boundless landscapes. The passage of time did not fade its allure, but instead, an audacious remixing endeavor by Joseph Minadeo […]

On the final day of my first trip abroad, I hiked to the top of the hill above the small Italian village I’d been staying in for the previous month in order to watch the sunrise. I had promised myself I would do this before returning home, so of course I put it off until […]

elements_five | Jazz | 74:09 Straight up! Classic Jazz chestnuts from a 2007 remixed/modified podcast . . . Listen/Stream via Hear.This 01. 00:00 Kirk Lightsey – Moon Ra02. 03:43 David Chesky – Waltz for Libby03. 08:36 Richard Stoltzman – Goodbye04. 12:50 Stanley Jordan – Round Midnight05. 17:39 Jan Garbarek & Rainer Bruninghaus – Desolate Mountains06. […]