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MISTER.K (INDIA) Mister.K is an artist who is not in the slightest bit derivative and is completely in conjunction with the realm of sound and everything that accompanies it. The man is not your average friendly neighbourhood dj but so much more than that. The mastermind behind LOCALS, founder of the award winning agency Locals […]

If you’re in need for a playlist for relaxing, calming down, meditating and healing from anxiety, the “Meditation Vibes” by ‘Sakura‘ might help you. You’ll find Ambient, Frequency Meditation Music and Nature Ambient by different artists on it. There are 65 titles on the playlist, with a total playtime of about 4 hours. Direct playlist […]

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It’s the Appetite for Destruction of graying techno fans. Dig in their closet, past the strata of tech house, minimal and ambient layers and you’ll inevitably find a copy of this green-bordered album with a golden man on the front. The rare release that’s been as important to a genre as it was to the […]

MATTHEW FLORIANZ – A RIVER BURIED IN SAND In his early days, some 25 years ago, Matthew Florianz referred to himself with the alias Liquid Morphine, and recently he picked that alias up again. With over 20 albums, he has built an impressive catalog of ambient music that can (sometimes, not always) serve as a […]


MASS DIGITAL (SERBIA) Boris Mijolic, better known by his artist name Mass Digital was born on 13th Feb 1987 in Novi Sad, Serbia. This Serbian born music producer is making huge waves in the house/electronic genres and his melancholic tracks are conquering hearts and dancefloors all around the world . Hailing from Northern Serbia, Boris […]

The Spotify playlist “MÚSICA PARA SERENAR” by ‘Lucky.‘ is a short mix of Ambient and Nature Ambient, which is great for meditation, relaxation, sleeping and daydreaming. You can currently discover 22 titles here, which have a total playtime of over 1 hour and are best listened to on shuffle! Direct playlist link: Playlist curator […]

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“It’s not possible to be indifferent when someone died for delivering a hamburger.” There are many lines like this in Les Délivrés, a documentary that explores the fight by France’s bicycle deliverypeople to resist their exploitation and to make their plight known in the public consciousness. No other line is quite such a gut-punch as […]