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What if the demo for your new hardware was an actual, listenable album rather than a YouTube video? Asheville modular synth maker Make Noise made this very hands-on promo with their new instrument, Strega, a patchable “desktop instrument” designed in collaboration with Alessandro Cortini. The 13 track album, Strega Musica, features a dozen musicians and […]

SONMI451 – THE EIGHTEEN MINUTE GAP    Laaps Records opens its summer season with the release of The Eighteen Minute Gap by Sonmi451 (Belgian artist Bernard Zwijzen’s alias named after a character from Cloud Atlas). Let me remove the first doubt right away: this album does not last only 18 minutes. The vinyl version plays for […]

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The “GLOBOTOM’S TOP AMBIENT ELECTRONIC PICKS” playlist features Ambient and Electronic music and is curated by ‘Globotom‘. It’s great for relaxing while discovering new artists. The playlist has a total playtime of about 7 hours and there are 110 tracks on it, which are best enjoyed in shuffle mode. Direct playlist link: Playlist curator […]

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It’s a bit daft to repeatedly compare instrumental music with an ambient bent to soundtracks for movies that have never been made. With Aural Stream, though, it’s appropriate, and inescapable. Few production outfits are able to make music so visionary, imaginative and virtually pressing up against the medium to push its creatures of the mind […]

“Memories Of Essential Ignorances”   Tracklist: 00:00 DreamScenes – Intro (Susanna) 00:45 Yann Novak – A Monument To OblivionThe Voice Of Theseus, 2023, Room40 01:59 Manja Ristić – Dobra Voda, Act Two (fragment)Dobra Voda, Act Two, 2023, self-released 06:25 Andrew Heath & Anne Chris Bakker – MuenSollia, 2023, Polar Seas Recordings 12:27 Pulse Mandala & […]

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