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AKI YLI-SALOMÄKI – JÄI MIELEEN    From Finland comes the chamber music of Aki Yli-Salomäki. Jäi Mieleen roughly translates as ‘Memory Lingers’, and that is an apt description of this ‘deep northern slow listening music manifested by grand sonority and soaring melodic arcs’. Yli-Salomäki has a diverse musical background: he started out as a punk/metal bass […]

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MEETING MOLLY (RUSSIA) Anton Bazhenov better known in industry as Meeting Molly – russian music producer, whose career began in 2017. He grew up in a family of musicians, so his life path has been determined from childhood. His passion for music began from school days, when at the age of 12 he discovered the […]

“Calming Music” is a playlist curated by ‘Relaxing Calm‘, with a mix of Ambient, Nature Ambient, Sleep Music and Instrumental music for sleeping, relaxing and meditation. The playlist has a total playtime of about 6 hours and there are 135 tracks on it, which are best enjoyed in shuffle mode. Direct playlist link: Playlist […]

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Where has this record been my whole life? I have an immodest fetish for ’90s-era electronic psychedelia and Being is a kind of savant at it (“Being” is the artist’s moniker; There is the title of the album). From Scotland, Being’s eight track record was “recorded to tape” from 1992 to 1995 and is first […]

DRØNE – THE LONG SONG    The core of Drøne is the duo Mark van Hoen and Mike Harding, but on their album, they are ‘assisted by many’. On The Long Song that means they are assisted by a choir of seven female artists ‘which reasserts the feminine while the male world falls apart’: Galya Bisengalieva, […]

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“Forgotten Worlds” is a playlist with different styles in Ambient, Electronic, Cinematic, Fantasy, Soundtrack and Soundscapes, which you can use for study, reading, daydreaming and as a background for DnD roleplay games. The curator of this playlist is ‘Chris Held‘. You can discover 60 titles here, which have a total playtime of about 4 hours. […]