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MICHAEL SCOTT DAWSON – FIND YOURSELF LOST    When you read about ‘the fringes of country & western’ your first association will probably not be connected top ambient music. Unless you’re listening to Michael Scott Dawson’s third album, Find Yourself Lost. The pedal steel guitar may remind you of Daniel Lanois on Apollo, and the Paris, […]

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From Cinema Paradiso to Schwarzenegger, artists are suckers for the romance of an old cinema — the remnants from a golden age when everything from the letters on the marquee to the projection to the tearing of the tickets was done by human hands. The Strand has more history than most. The oldest working cinema […]

YANN NOVAK – THE VOICE OF THESEUS    For The Voice Of Theseus, Yann Novak invited vocalists Dorian Wood and G. Brenner to contribute to the core elements of this album. By adding their vocals to his compositions, and merging them with his electronic soundscapes, Novak explores a completely new compositional field, ‘expanding his mode of […]

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There is an enormous story that goes with the D.O.C. EP, which is the final EP in a trilogy from Swiss DJ and producer Marco Repetto. These tracks were originally composed between 1991 and 1992, culled from an archive that consisted of an estimated 146 hours of music on DATs handed over by Repetto to […]

MARTINA TESTEN & SIMON ŠERC – EKODUKT First, a word of warning: this album contains no music. Unless, of course, you define music as ‘organized sound’ (like Edgar Varèse said). In this ‘forest bathing for the ears’, Martina Testen and Simon Šerc capture the sounds of the Slovenian Goriška region and the Italian Friuli Venezia […]

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