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In 2011, framework editions decided to continue releasing regular showcases of artists working in the field recording community, and began the framework:seasonal series in the autumn of that year. with this series framework editions releases compilations and occasional single-artist specials, featuring new and established artists whose work will be of interest to our listeners. all […]

Upcoming podcasts . . . https://hearthis.at/ambient-landscape/story/what-to-watch-for-in-2024// Preview of upcoming podcasts in 2024, available on hearthis.at/ambient-landscape. Source link

From the obsessively textured and richly hued artwork gracing the album covers (courtesy of visual artist and graphic novelist Theo Ellsworth), to the deeply enveloping and endlessly evolving psychedelic soundscapes within, London’s Astral Industries label consistently conjures up explorations that guide you deep into and/or well outside of your listening, dreaming self. They’re 36 releases […]

The content is about the benefits of exercise, including improved physical and mental health, and reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Source link

The tone is ambient, the timbre electronic; Loula Yorke‘s modular synthesizer compositions create a trancelike state that is eminently relaxing, especially now that the occasional drums of Florescence have gone.  This is less of a sea change than a gentle shift, emphasizing an aspect of her music that has been there all along. The opening track […]

elements_b ä r t s c h | Ether/Jazz/Funk/Groove/Rhythm | 99:25 An edition dedicated to the groove/funk rhythm of Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin, Mobile & his solo piano work. My first album was ‘Holon‘ (2008/ECM). . . and I was hooked (line & sinker). What Nik & his Ronin: Sha (altosax, bass, and contrabass clarinets), Kaspar […]

In a fast-paced world, cold weather can be a useful cue to slow down. Ambient music offers precious respite, whether we stay home in the warm or watch the steam rising from a crowded street. I relistened to today’s albums on a freezing bus, the pavements frosty and the sun still rising. Neither is a […]

#Ambient + #EtherJazz Ambient and EtherJazz combine to create a unique and soothing musical experience for listeners. Source link

t h e r m o g e n i c | Experimental/Ambient/Post-Ambient | 78:15 Happy 2024, one & all! Using 3 tracks (*) from the 2005 original mix, we re-engineered a bright, shiny & new slab of ambient sound for the New Year. A bit brooding & drifting, it pulls together old (reminiscence for […]

A new year, a fresh start, a clean slate: as we turn the page of the new year, we look forward to what it has to offer.  We hope it will bring health and happiness, prosperity and peace; but we know it will bring new music.  We’ve already heard hundreds of albums set for winter release, […]