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YUI ONODERA – MIZUNIWA    Tokyo-based sound artist Yui Onodera presents an ode to the Nasu region in Japan, ‘home to a harmonious coexistence of northern and southern plant species’. On the hills of the Nasu mountains, Junya Ishigami created the ‘Water Garden‘, an ever-evolving masterpiece of landscape art that ‘blurs the lines between architecture, landscape […]

FROM THE MOUTH OF THE SUN – VALLEY OF THE HUMMINGBIRDS    Valley Of The Hummingbirds is one of the albums that are parts of the ‘Maps To Where The Poison Grows‘ subscription series. Subscribing to these series on the Lost Tribe Sound label means that you receive it at a reduced price, as a reward […]

My Brutal Life delves into the profound aspects of our artistic endeavours encompassing brutalism, the environment, and humanity. Throughout our ongoing creative journey, we consistently gravitate towards these themes, documenting and exploring the human experience within these environments. Our unwavering fixation on Symmetry, Synchronisation, and Repetition are the driving force in our artistic expression. Moreover, […]

Music criticism has historically under-valued the role context and framing play in influencing the space of listening— knowing a piece of music was composed in relationship to images inevitably colors how one interprets its sound. The horn-like drone that enters in the second minute of “Further North There Is Only the North Pole,” the second […]

In the early days of MEGO prior to it’s transformation into Editions MEGO a most unexpected release appeared amongst the radical roster. Out of all the twisted hard drive activity from PITA, General Magic, Farmers Manual etc appeared a very different kind of release. One made from a computer, but one with a softer atmosphere, […]

Where has this record been my whole life? I have an immodest fetish for ’90s-era electronic psychedelia and Being is a kind of savant at it (“Being” is the artist’s moniker; There is the title of the album). From Scotland, Being’s eight track record was “recorded to tape” from 1992 to 1995 and is first […]

What if the demo for your new hardware was an actual, listenable album rather than a YouTube video? Asheville modular synth maker Make Noise made this very hands-on promo with their new instrument, Strega, a patchable “desktop instrument” designed in collaboration with Alessandro Cortini. The 13 track album, Strega Musica, features a dozen musicians and […]

It’s a bit daft to repeatedly compare instrumental music with an ambient bent to soundtracks for movies that have never been made. With Aural Stream, though, it’s appropriate, and inescapable. Few production outfits are able to make music so visionary, imaginative and virtually pressing up against the medium to push its creatures of the mind […]

Smooth & slow . . .with regular digital “bumps” . . . to be featured on an upcoming 2024 podcast.___________________________________________________________________________ 9⁰ (4) GIOVANNI LAMI October 2023 To celebrate its 15th anniversary, 901 Editions launches a virtual residency program, inviting artists to share their creative process during the time span of a month. They have no […]

It’s the Appetite for Destruction of graying techno fans. Dig in their closet, past the strata of tech house, minimal and ambient layers and you’ll inevitably find a copy of this green-bordered album with a golden man on the front. The rare release that’s been as important to a genre as it was to the […]