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9⁰ (3), by RETE | Ambient Landscape

Написано на 27.11.2023

9⁰ (3) RETE September 2023 To celebrate its 15th anniversary, 901 Editions launches a virtual residency program, inviting artists to share their creative process during the time span of a month. They have no pressure on any side and are really free to do whatever they want. We encourage them to focus on a specific theme/concept or methodology of their choice, as well as to follow their own spontaneity. We believe that uncertainty and hesitation are part of the creative process and have their own value. Life is a process, we learn by doing. The pieces will be uploaded irregularly on a dedicated Bandcamp page, only when artists are willing to do so. Just for the residency period, we offer the work as “free / name your price”. We called the residency program 9⁰, playing with the numbers 9, 0, and 1: any number to the power of 0 is always 1.
RETE is a duo formed by Granny Records members, Savvas Metaxas and Vasilis Liolios (Eventless Plot), in 2019. RETE experiment with different approaches in the use of rhythmic elements in their music, combining analogue and modular synthesizers, tapes, found sounds, field recordings, drums surface sounds and voice. Through their electroacoustic output they intend to explore the interactions between natural and electronic sounds. So far they have performed in various venues and have released three albums. Their latest release is called ‘Ακινησία’ (Granny, LP) and before that RETE released ‘Temporal’ (DasaTapes, CS) and s/t ‘RETE’ (Granny Records, CS). They are currently working on their new album.

901 Editions launches 9⁰ virtual residency program for artists to share creative process freely. RETE duo explores electroacoustic music.

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